Lights in Alingsas meets Edvard Grieg

The theme for Lights in Alingsås 2014 is the music of Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg. The place for the meeting between music and lighting design was the popular and beautiful Nolhaga Park, close to the center of Alingsås. Lights in Alingsås celebrates its 15th anniversary during 2014.

The organisers have been doing research and it's unique to combine light in public spaces with music by interpretate classical work of music. This will be something truly spectacular for the visitors, says Kjell Hult, ABAR. 

Sound combined with lighting design means an exiting challenge and new dimension for the 60 students that during one week creates the 8 lighting installations together with professional lighting designers. 

The area of Nolhaga Park is 3,5 kilometers long; the longest route so far.